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Chromebook Solution 2014

A joint Cooperative Procurement by the members of the Rhode Island Society of Technology Educators and the Northern Rhode Island Collaborative.

Our goal is for every member’s Google implementation to be a success.

RISTE is looking for a solution-based initiative rather than a commodity based contract.
Proposals will be evaluated on how well they will provide the best implementation solution,
which often requires additional services. Project management and successful coordination of
the entire project process from initial purchase by RISTE members to deployment and ongoing
support of the Chromebook solution are needed. RISTE is looking for a vendor that can provide
a total ecosystem integrating devices, software solutions, professional development, and
ongoing support throughout the life of the contract beyond initial roll out.

Ability for the firm to provide a solution for replacement and repair of hardware and software in a
timely manner to ensure that there is minimal impact to the learning process.

The following documents were posted publicly on July 14, 2014 and emailed to the vendors listed below.

RISTE_RFP_Chromebook solution 2014.pdf

Exhibit C_RISTE_RFP_Chrombook solution 2014.xlsx

(Vendors:  CDWG, SHI, PCMG, ePlus, HubTech, CDI, GovConnection, Tiger Direct, Newmind, Promevo, Troxell, Insight, Arey Jones-Educational Solutions, Whalley Computer Associates, and Dell | Preferred Public Sales.)

Questions from vendors were allowed from 7/14 - 8/1 and answers shared on RISTE website.

The deadline for submission of sealed proposals was August 8 at 4pm at the NRIC offices.

Six proposals were received by NRIC staff by the deadline.

Four members of the RISTE evaluation team opened and recorded the proposals at 9am on Oct. 20.  Proposals were received from ePlus, CDI, Hub Technical, CDWG, Whalley Computers, and SHI.

Proposals were scored on:  Pricing (50%), Quality of Response (20%), Exhibit A response (10%), References (10%), and Warranty-Service (10%)

The review team recommended an award to CDWG.

Chromebook Solution 2014 - Completed Scoring Rubric.pdf

CDWG Response to RISTE - Chromebook Solution.pdf

CDWG pricing sheet.xlsx

***Please note that prices can fluctuate over time and models change.  To get up to date pricing please contact your CDWG sales rep.

September 17, 2014 the RISTE Board of Directors voted to accept the RFP proposal offered by CDWG.

Chromebook Award Announcement 2014.pdf

The RISTE Board of Directors has voted twice to extend the contract with CDWG for one additional year in 2017, 2018, and 2019. 

Current contract expires on Sept. 17, 2020.

CDWG - 2017 Chromebook Extension Letter

CDWG - 2018 Chromebook Extension Letter

CDWG - 2019 Chromebook Extension Letter

Custom page for RISTE members:  http://cdwg.com/RISTE

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