Google Apps for Education Resources

Google Apps for Education Professional Development site (source Monica Cassites)

Contacts for Google Vault (email archiving) (source - Paul Barrette)
Michael Beeson
Clay Maffet

Some great training and PD materials (source - Paul Barrette)
Google Education Training Center,
Google in Education online courses,

Administration tools for GAFE (source - Paul Barrette)
Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange,
Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS),
Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS),
Hapara Teacher Dashboard,

Google Apps Implementation Specialists (source - Paul Barrette)

(source - Paul Barrette)  "I've started to assemble Google Apps for Education resources for our staff here in Smithfield. Some of the resources have been custom made for Smithfield, but you are welcome to borrow any of them and fit them to your own needs. This is an "ever evolving" site, so things are still under construction and will continue to change." You can find them at

Google in Education,

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