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Douglas Snow

South Kingstown Schools


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I live in Charlestown RI, married to Sheri for 26 years with 2 boys Zach 22 years old, and Ryan 20 years old. Both attend Western New England College studying Mechanical Engineering and are on the baseball team. I have worked for the South Kingstown School Department for the last 22 years and for the past 12 years as the Director of Technology. Rebuilding the South Kingstown Schools network from the ground up was a very rewarding experience using business practices to design a robust and future-proof wide area network. I have been a member of RISTE for many years and have attended most events and believe in the RISTE strategy to keep technology in our schools moving forward. In the last year have attended all RISTE board meetings to help give my insight into the growing issues with 1:1 devices, Google Suite, and growing budget and support issues.
I have an Electrical Engineering degree, Nuclear Reactor Training Certified for Ohio, Los Angeles, and Sturgeon Class submarines, and Combat Systems School Certified by Naval Submarines base Groton CT. I started my career working for several government military contractors, Electric Boat, Analysis & Technology, Convair, McDonnell Douglas, in the support of the Tomahawk Vertical launch systems, Mk9 Navy SEAL Delivery Vehicle SDV, U.S. Embassy security audits, and any nuclear reactor issues around the world.
Family life is waterskiing, fishing, and fitness. We host family for the NECBL Ocean State Waves in the summer as our way to help the community of Wakefield by taking in a Division 1 college baseball player for the summer.
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